The Divine Spark and Soul’s Archetypes

published on 2011-02-19 15:07:00

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For each of us there is another aspect of ours placed in Superior dimension, the Spirit.

And there is an aspect of the Spirit, in other dimensions, the Soul.

The manifestation of the Spirit in the material world is possible if this is projecting a tiny particle from its essence in the Soul.

The Divine Spark, which is in the center of the Soul, is this projection.

The Divine Spark represents the Divine within us, and through it we maintain a permanent connection with other aspects of ours.

Consequently there are two elements of connection of the human being with the Spirit, with the exterior Divine: the Divine Spark from the center of the Soul and the Conscience.

Through the two elements the human entity maintains itself in the Divine Evolutionary Program, can increase its vibration and level of consciousness and can follow its own evolutionary program.

The Soul is kept in the physical body on one hand due to a special energy that It receives when it enters the body, and on the other hand due to the anchoring into the Divine Spark.

In the moment of physical death the Divine Spark is aspired by the Spirit, and likewise the Conscience and the Spirit, being projected on a new level of manifestation, in a new Archetype.

Consequently the Soul has more divine forms of existence starting from the fusion with the Spirit at all projection levels on which the Soul can come into existence.

For every dimension there is a specific Archetype, with different attributes, with manifestation potential in certain coordinates.

In the material world the manifestation coordinates of the Soul change once It passes to the new evolutionary stage.

The Soul gets energies which allow the manifestation of compassion and unconditional love, It develops empathic abilities, and starts to perceive empathically.

Starting with the implementation of new Archetype of the Soul it is natural that the sensibility of the human being increases, while its vulnerability decreases, and for this the human being should come out of the old patterns of fear replacing them with the new patterns of unconditional love, and compassion.

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