Fatigue – the Effect of Disequilibrium from Our Manifestations

published on 2011-02-19 15:15:00

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I think functioning in a state of fatigue has become something generally accepted. The constantly increasing fatigue in order to do new things to escape the daily life leads to a routine that settles into our lives.

What exactly creates this fatigue?

We blame the long working hours from the job, or the necessity to control/ manage our business, the house chores, and the favors we have to make,  the second job, the time lost in traffic, the long homework of the children, the permanently increasing tasks that we take on or that we are forced to accomplish.

But the blame does not reside in all these; most of the times we do not listen to our body that sends us signals when we have to stop. We do not listen to our Soul that needs relaxing, silence, calm. We listen to our mind that tells us that it is good to continue in this alert rhythm, that things would not function if we loose our job, the others would judge us … if we take a break.

 Fatigue does not come from physical demands, because the body can heal itself by exercising, relaxing or sleep; fatigue is the consequence of too little time dedicated to these activities.

Profound fatigue is the fatigue of the Soul, heart, mind and energetic bodies.

The Mind gets tired when we force it to work without stopping and when thoughts are generated continuously. The Soul gets tired when we do not listen to It, when we do not care for Its desires, It gets tired of too many pains and sufferings.

The heart gets tired when we force it not to love and in the situations in which we impose conditions.

The emotional body gets tired when it experiences too many emotions of low vibration, especially fears, stress, anxiety, worries for tomorrow and for the loved ones.

The astral body can already be tired from previous lives due to sadness, anger, dissatisfaction, accusations, and lack of forgiveness.

The same with the mental body: judgment, critique, not accepting the traumatizing experiences from the previous lives leads to the fatigue that we experience in this life.

The Conscience can be tired due to resistance manifested in situations of Karmic trials.

The fatigue can be accumulated through all the aspects of manifestation.

Muladhara Chakra accumulates fatigue when the physical body is tired, exhausted.

Frustrations from relationships, sexual obsessions, failures in expressing creativity, the attempt to hide or, on the contrary, exaggeratedly showing our feminine or masculine side exhaust Swadhisthana chakra.

Exerting exaggerate control, and manipulation exhaust Manipura chakra.

Conditional love and fears exhaust Anahata and Vishuddha chakra, the latter accumulating fatigue also from our attempts to repress our emotions.

Vishuddha and Manipura get tired when we smoke or eat exaggeratedly.

Pointless talking can produce the accumulation of fatigue in Vishuddha chakra.

The more chaotic our thoughts are the more tired is Ajna.

And the more we fight with God, the more we exhaust Sahasrara chakra.

To rest we need more than a long sleep; we need a balanced action in all aspects of life.

When there is no balance, the sleep is not restful.

Any imbalance of our lives attracts fatigue, which is not necessarily physical, but mental, and emotional.

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