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Article written on 2008-11-11 11:11:11

The number 11 corresponds to the passing of our Planet into a new evolutionary stage from the Divine Program.

It is the number of the eleventh Sephira which is being created now, when the Planet is developing another dimensional aspect.

On 11.11 energetic portals will open up and will bring on Earth the energy of going back home. The opening of the array of portals has begun with the Harmonic Convergence and it will continue till all the Evolutionary Ascending Patterns will be implemented in the Grid Matrix of the Planet.

On the days of 11.11 the new evolutionary energies penetrate the crystalline structure of the Earth, in the Chrystal Grid implementing new programs and energizing the Grid.

Through the internal connections that we already have or are created to us, connections of our Chrystal bodies with the Earth’s Grid, we access information, receive the evolutionary energy and take in the ascending patterns.

The ascending evolutionary patterns are activated also in the conscience of Planet Earth and then in our consciences, if they are awaken and integrated in the Divine Evolutionary Program.

It is important to know that when the patterns open up they activate the energetic portals and it is not sufficient to know about their existence, to be aware of this information, but to be tuned in to certain evolutionary frequencies, and that our energetic bodies and structures are able to sustain the transforming energies, to integrate them, if it is in the Soul’s Plan, for our Supreme Good.

To better understand what kind of energies penetrate in the structure of the Earth through the open portals on 11.11, I invite you to read, or to reread, the following lesson from my book, “Lesson for Self Healing”, issued recently by Alexiada Publishing.


 Lesson about the Energy of Going Back Home    

Try to figure out with your Mind the beginning of all things. Before the first emanation of God. Your conscious Mind will hardly be able to do this, because back then it didn’t exist by itself, but in God’s Mind. However you can go back to this beginning with that part of you that is of pure Divine essence, your Divine Self.

God designed in the subtle essence of you the energy of the Beginning. In the depth of your being you keep the memory of the Whole and the feeling of Home. They push you to give up the illusion of separation, to look for yourself deep within you, taking out the Truth and the Remembering of your Self.

The Truth tells you that we are all One, if we all find ourselves in the same Essence. But the Darkness within us, the Shell that covers and isolates our Self, separates and breaks us apart.

The profound Memory, beyond any remembrances, tells you that time have never been. And you have never been outside you and God, until God wanted to know Himself through you, and through your manifestations and experiences. You chose to participate to the first experiment of Divinity.

God remained the pure essence, the Center, and you formed the First circle, together with those that chose to separate themselves by the Divinity. The Energy from the Circle evolved differently than the Energy of the Center; the Divinity experimented via the entities that separated the outside existence. At the end of that stage Divinity released the Energy of coming back home, making it possible that the Energy of the Center and the Energy of the Circle merge. Some of the entities returned to the Center, others stayed outside in the First Circle created by God, forming the first level of evolution.

The Divinity extended again, and created the second circle, where the entities from the first circle migrated to experiment other ways to know and define Divinity. And because the First Circle was already absorbed into the Divinity by merging the energies, there are two concentric circles again. The inside one contains the Center and it is the first manifestation of Divinity. The outer one is the second manifestation, the second level. And this also has been absorbed at the end of the cycle by the Energy of coming back home. The energies merged, creating the necessity of the third level.

The evolutionary cycle continued. The Earth is the tenth extended circle of the Divinity. And now it is the time for coming back home. The Divinity releases towards us the Energy of coming back home, making it possible that our energy merges with the energy of the upper circle, the Circle of the Angels. However the Circle in which we are is the first to obey the law of choice, of free arbiter. It’s up to us if we receive or not the Energy of coming back home. Everyone’s choice is determined by his/ her own level of consciousness. Those who choose to go back will pass the barrier that separates the two circles. Those who choose to stay will form the next Circle, continuing to experiment in another plan, until the Energy of coming back home is released again.

The Entities of the previous circle, now turned into the Circle that contains the Center, came to help us. Some of those who incarnated now are also entities from the First Circle, embodied for special missions, came to help as many as possible from the Second Circle to receive the Energy of coming back home.

If you read this lesson consciously, and not out of curiosity, it means that you are one of those who already receive in their beings the Energy of coming back home. It does not mean that you got Home. The way is different for each of us. It depends on how further away from home we went, how much we got lost. But we are on the way and the most important thing is that we are not alone.

The Energy of coming back home lights up our return journey and love, acceptance, help and support of the Angels will accompany us on our Way Back Home, the road to ourselves, to God.

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