A Thought at the Beginning of the Year

published on 2011-02-19 15:19:00

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It is the time for joy, and celebrating, for feeling well close to your loved ones or for inner peace, preparing the passing into the New Year.

Wherever you are in the Night between the years, at the beginning of this year, be grateful to God that you live unique moments, that will never repeat themselves.

Every moment of your life is unique; your life Here and Now is a novelty. You have never been the one that you are now; you have never had these experiences, in exactly this form, with the people in your life, now, in this social context, in this cultural space, in these vibrations, energies, events.

So this Night between the Years and the beginning of this New Year is unique: it has never been and it will never be again. Receive it as a gift.

As every gift you are the one that chooses what to do with it. You can put it in your Soul memories, or you can throw it away as something very common, that you will quickly forget.

Any gift has also a symbolic value, often greater than the material one.

The clothes that you wear on New Year’s Eve, or the food that you eat, are less important than the feelings, emotions – joy, and cheerfulness, or inner peace – and the people you share them with.

You can live intensely this night even if you choose to go to bed early, because it will remain in your Heart by the intensity of your feelings.

Romanians say that you have to step with the right foot on a new path.

Also tradition says that the state you are in during New Year’s Eve will perpetuate itself the whole year.

True or not this custom, esoterically speaking, will impact negatively the year to come (including the fear to be the same the whole year if you know that something is not as it should be).

Leave the worries to God, at least on New Year’s Eve, at the beginning of the New Year.

And let God help you.

And here I come to the thought I wanted to share with you now, on New Year’s Eve.

Many times we ask God to defend or protect us. But God does not press the acceleration, or eats unhealthy, or gets mad, or gets desperate or hopeless. We do all these and most of the times we do not let God help us.

Before asking God to protect you, ask Him to help you to do whatever is necessary for Him to be able to help you.

That is to drive safely, to be careful, to be moderate, to be in such a way that whatever you do to allow the manifestation of God in you and in your life.

Because we are in a dimension of free choice, and God does not chooses for us, but lets us choose for ourselves.

I wish you a New Year with wise choices for your highest Good!

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