How to Love Without Conditioning

published on 2011-02-19 15:20:00

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Every time we meet pure love, without conditioning, something from our soul changes. It is as if a flower would blossom on the shank with lots of inflorescences of our soul.

But how is it to love without conditioning?

To have no expectations, that is whatever that person does to understand things from his/her perpective  – maybe something that surprizes you might have been induced by a fear, by an old pain, by a way of reacting that does not meet your patterns, by a worry, by a need, by not knowing her/himself.

To keep loving her/him regardless how your relationship changes, because love is not conditioned neither by phisical or temporal limitations, nor  by constraints or by external convictions.

To enjoy the love that you feel, not to condition what you feel by what the person that you love feels.  Love is yours, love is in your soul; it is not what you receive from the others.

To know that love is, was and it will be, only that your soul cannot feel it at all times, cannot live it because of its own fears, pains, and sufferings.

To forget all that you learned from those who do not know what it is to love without conditioning, and they have transmitted their systems, their opinions, their fears, and pains, their sufferings, and patterns.

To be able to see in the other person’s soul, beyond the reactions of his/her mind, beyond the less pleasant attributes of his/her personality.

To stay in silence, without asking or expecting anything, just enjoy that you are there, that you share, that God blesses you with his/her presence, with that encounter in your life, with that gift.

To wait for no reward, as you should be entitled to it in exchange for what you feel, for what you do, or for what you are.

To enjoy the imortality of your feeling of love, because you know that it is the real wealth of your soul.

To live the state of love, the state in which you radiate, you cast love as a source that is sending forth beams of light.

To know that love is everything, it is above any other feeling, no matter how strong and dominant that emotion would seem.

To judge nothing, because love that is freed from any conditioning helps you look into people souls, to see them as they are, beyond their masks.

To be love, as it is you soul.

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