published on 2011-02-19 15:22:00

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You probably heard that planet Earth is passing into the 5th dimension, or is in the 5th dimension. You heard of quantum leap, of the signs of changes, of the effects the new energy has over people, of the symptoms of spiritual awakening and passing into the new energy. And for sure you attributed to these evolutionary changes your states or pains, or the challenges that came into your life. What an easy way to free yourself from responsibility and an effortless way to look at what is going on with you in your life, or in other peoples life!

The same easy way to free yourself from responsibility is to look at things as if it’s God’s will, starting from the belief that nothing is accidental.

Well, indeed nothing is accidental; however all that happens is the consequence of our choices, our thoughts, emotions, feelings and our deeds, which are common and interwoven in a subtle way in the Divine Matrix.

You heard of the Divine Matrix, too.

And you also heard of the Law of Attraction.

And of the Divine Program.

But what you do not know is that we all model the Divine Program according to each choice or action of yours.

You remember the maze games from your childhood. You draw with your pencil the good path and the easiest way was to start from the end.

If you did not do this you would have gone back  a several times.

The maze that we create here, on Earth, is much more complex. According to each overland route that we take, the Matrix is modeling itself. And the line that you draw in the Matrix meets his line and it changes it.

Your line meets his line and her line and it changes them.

And if God has a plan for you, for him, for her, it is necessary to allow this plan to work.

And he should allow it. And She should allow it.

What you do is your choice. You get what you deserve. Did you know that?

It doesn’t work like that. You get what you deserve, but also what you allow yourself to receive, what he or she allows you to receive.

How is it possible?

Simple: because we live in a couple, in a family, in a collectivity, in a society.

There is your choice, but also his choice for you, or her choice for you.

There are our choices.

You want to go to the doctor today but he is already booked and he cannot see you today.

You want to meditate but your neighbor is listening to music loudly or your friend calls you on the phone.

You want to marry him, and you know that God wants it too, but he does not know and he does not want any responsibilities.

You choose abundance in your life, but there is an economic crisis and the owner is firing people.

You raise a pet in love and it crosses the street and it gets killed.

You ask yourself where you have gone wrong when you did what was in your power and you did it well and in good faith?

You haven’t done anything wrong, but you are in a rigid dimension, where if what is in your power it is not influenced by others will allow the Law of Attraction to manifest linearly, but if it is influenced by others the intensity of their intention and the implications of each of them will determine the oscillating way in which the Law of Attraction will apply.

So do not imagine you are alone. Do not imagine that everything is just the way it has to happen. Do not deceive yourself that it is enough for you to change. It is enough for you to change but it is vital for us all to change.

Do not imagine that you are spiritually evolved. This will prevent you from evolving. It will prevent you from knowing and loving yourself.

God does not keep track of your responsibilities; He can be a referee or a coach or maybe the goalkeeper of the opposite team, you have the ball.

And you pass the ball to him, or to her, or to me. Good or bad. He is watching or not. She wants to play or not, I might not even know how to play your game. You will have to teach me. If I want.

And you want to win, isn’t it?

But here on Earth, it is a team game. No matter how good a player is, the team counts as well.

Isn’t it true that you want to win together with him, or her, or me?

God wants.

And for sure He wants a good team.

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