The Power of Words

published on 2008-11-05 00:00:00

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One day, Andrei, the author of this site, told me he noticed how the power of words decline if we do not respect our promises.

When we promise, the emission generated by the energy of our intention goes to that space, to that circumstance or those persons, creating a favorable field to that promise.

The more promises we make and do not respect our emissions dissipate. Thus we consume our energy or we block it in temporal and spatial circumstances where we will not be in.

The actions proposed to be achieved are also accompanied by the emissions of our wishes

According to the Law of Attraction when we conform to our intentions we are rewarded and consequently, when we ask, we receive. If we do not conform to our own intentions and we waist the received energies, it is possible that the future requests may not be answered because of the precedent neutralization of the energies.

The same way the thought has its own intensity, words – spoken thoughts- have their power.

Words can heal, can soothe and can hurt and cause pain, the same way we can use the knife to cut bread or to hurt.

The power of the positive and negative words exists.

The enunciation of a word generates the specific energies of that word, its vibration.

You know, of course Masaro Emoto’s studies about water. His photos show exactly the influence of words on water, so on the water’s energy.

The words that we express are using our energy the communication energy. We imprint this energy the specific vibration with our thoughts.  If we inform the energy with a lower vibration we will create low vibration thought-forms and we will generate negative emissions, which can be destructive for us and the other beings.

If we inform the energy with a high vibration we will create light forms and we will generate positive emissions, which will act attracting specific energy vibration of that information and vibration. 

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