The Freedom of Being Yourself

published on 2008-11-24 08:39:00

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 We are born into families that we chose before the incarnation, in the astral dimension.

The choices are based on the love connections between Souls -we can choose our parents from the same family of souls with us- or we can choose them according to the love shared in other lives, or to the karmic lessons we have to learn together.

We embody together, in the same family, to share love in a new way, free of the past lives conditionings and to learn common lessons, to repair mistakes and to free ourselves of attachments.

But once arrived into a new life, which we intend to live in a different way, we are seized by the social requirements and the educational patterns that make us forget why we came here and hold us back to become what we truly want to become.

The veils covering our consciences disconnect us from our profound essence, fears and pain cover our souls and we no longer know how to love unconditionally.

There is no one to remind us that, because neither our parents do not know anymore, they have been educated in the same manner.

We come to Earth joyful, knowing that we will meet our dear family, but over generations the same process is happening: we do not find the love we used to know in our family anymore, we bump into material and financial difficulties, social conditionings and rules are dictated to us, compelling us, reshaping our character and building us a different personality than the authentic one.

Our parents are not as we expected to be, the world is not as we wanted it and we are not able to be ourselves.

Because whenever we try to be what we want to be, we are told which is the right way of being, we are cautioned that our choices do not meet the expectations and we learn that the freedom to be ourselves does not really exist here on Earth and if we stubbornly believe that we can be ourselves, we start a difficult battle with the need of the others to control, breaking the preconceived barriers about what we cannot be or we are not allowed to be, a battle gently carried, because they, who have the control over our lives, those who have created the barriers and the limitations, love us and feel hurt if we do not as they told us.

            As so, we start the fight and with our need to conform, to do like others do, because is the way we were educated, a fight with our own pain that comes from recognizing the fact they feel hurt, disrespected and unappreciated if we live our lives as we wish, to be ourselves. Because they cannot hear our protest, when we only ask to live our own life, not theirs, they only hear themselves, because they are used to play the victims.

We have the liberty to live our life as we wish, with God given common sense, with the innate tenderness of our Souls, without harming the others and ourselves, with pure and unconditional love.

But this liberty must be won, conquered, the same way, with God given common sense, with the innate tenderness of our Souls, without harming the others and ourselves, with pure and unconditional love.


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