The Avalanche of Information and Human Memory

published on 2008-07-27 10:36:50

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We are living in a changing world. Everything accelerates and the speed with which events happen accelerates more and more.

Somehow we determined this acceleration, it is the consequence of the alert rhythm of receiving, processing and sending the information.

The amount of information that we can access due to the more and more advanced technology is immeasurable.  It’s a great challenge for the discernment of each of us. What is it true? What is being helpful? What is personally useful in this information torrent? Do we really think of this? Or we just absorb the information circulating in the cyberspace simply because we are able to access them easily? We leaf though magazines or newspapers, we watch TV news and if we still have the time we read books, quality books or only because people are talking about them, we watch movies and subconsciously listen to music in the public spaces, without imagining that all these remain stocked somewhere in our memories.

And the memory becomes full. Then we unconsciously wish to forget some of these, to make some space.  And the brain listens to us and begins to forget. Initially not in the same rhythm we assimilate the information, then it tries to satisfy our needs, so that we start to forget in tandem or to forget important facts, because the brain does not how or what to forget sometimes. If this happens, the part of the brain responsible with the attention blocks for a while. Meanwhile, we cannot concentrate, we become tired, stressed and we cannot face intellectual activities.

To avoid stress we should select the information that we are able to access. Why should we stock these information, then sort it, delete it, re-arrange it, when we can use further on our discernment?

The way you learn to treasure your time, treasure also your memory. It is one of your Divine Gifts that will stand the test of time, beyond this life.

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