Questions about Home

published on 2008-09-03 10:35:00

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Many times we miss Home. We do not know how to define „Home”, but we recognize the feeling of restlessness, not coming to oneself, of inner emptiness.


What does „Home” mean?


I do not refer to that terrestrial “Home”, which reminds us of a household, of the safety feeling, of the dear ones, of the familiar place where we can manifest as ourselves, but that “Home” of our soul, profound, for most of us unclear, undefined, difficult to express in words.

Home is the place from where the Souls come to incarnation, where they go after each life, if they find their way. 

Can one Soul not find his way Home?

Many Souls wander or remain connected in the terrestrial dimension because they did not accomplish the program for their life or they cannot leave places or persons they loved.

Does the Soul know where his Home is?


He knows, if he is liberated by the veils of ignorance, if he can escape the terrestrial chains which many times he creates by himself through attachments, promises, fears, and resentments.

What does the Home of our Soul means?  

It is a place in the 4th dimension, a parallel dimension with the Earth dimension, where Souls live along an evolution cycle.

Why do we leave there, why do we incarnate?

We incarnate in order to heal the traumas of each life, in order to accomplish the process of unfinished lessons, to learn new things, to grow up.

Who waits for us Home?

The souls we love and love us, the souls with whom we shared love in other existences, the Souls from our families wait for us at Home.

Is it possible that nobody wait for us Home?

It is possible, for a while, but it is possible, if you choose that and if you need a period of loneliness. Otherwise it isn’t.

What do we do Home?

Home we heal those traumas that can heal outside the terrestrial dimension, we rest, we prepare for the next life, we learn, we help others, we are helped, we enjoy freedom.

How is Home?

Home is what each Soul desires to be, the way each Soul creates it, what each Soul attracts. 

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