Child Memory – The Sponge that Absorbs Information

published on 2008-08-12 23:04:00

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After I have posted on the site the article “The Avalanche of Information and The Human Memory”, I received an e-mail from a parent, who, after reading the article, thought of the children without discernment and due to unsorted accumulations manifest a deficit of attention in situations when they should be able to concentrate, to remember important things.

Then I remembered a conversation from several years ago with my daughter’s teacher who said to me that children’s need of information is very high, that they are like little sponges absorbing knowledge.

She advised parents to teach children many things, to fill in the gaps. But parents are busy and do not have time for their children as they would like to have.

One day I remembered I had a group of children aged between 4 and 9 and I taught them about the energetic bodies. Almost all of them felt their hearts.

The next day, one of the boys had a Math test. When he got back home, he told his mother:

“The first part I did it well, because I felt warm in my heart, but the second part I didn’t do it so well, because I didn’t feel warm.”

It was not something I had taught them. Concentrating his attention on his energetic Heart, the 9 year old boy activated his intuition.

This is the only way we have to be sure that they know what’s better: to teach children to listen to their heart and not their mind.

And at the same time, with maturity, to teach them without imposing, to distinguish right from wrong, without constraining them, because obligation creates opposition and refusal, to interdict them, but giving them explanations, because then, we arise them the curiosity.

Because the children take over not only the information, but also the behavior and the attitude patterns, the emotions and the mental templates. I will come back with another article on how to help our children to be authentic.  

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