Couple Relationships from the Reincarnation Perspective

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Regarding couples from the reincarnation point of view, each relationship has its own signification, a purpose because nothing is casual.

Admitting that we come several times on this Planet, in a succession of lives, we should treat the couple relationships as being determined by a series of events passing through common lives.

Not only the individuals have a multitude of lives, so each of the couple partner has a multitude of lives, but also the relationship itself passes through many stages.

Each relationship has its own karma and should be considered separated than the individual karma.

The couple exists because each of the partners helps the other, chisel one another some the aspects and teaches one another to know themselves and to discover themselves.

When one of the partners considers selfishly the relationship, for its own good, then the relationship itself, not even the person upload negatively from the karmic point of view.

In relationships fault does not exist, because there cannot be a single guilty part; only unwished consequences can be carried by one in that life, but the responsibility transcends also for the other one in the future lives.

Of course, in the physical level the relationship cannot exist without the two partners interaction, but in the spiritual level the relationship can exist, making leaps between the incarnations when partners do not find each other or when the relationship carry on in other levels.

If in this lifetime there is a couple, then the partners met in another lives also and their love bonds or attachments, or promises, or unfinished life lessons, common sufferings made them meet again now. 

Or maybe they haven’t ever met; they chose a new experience where the Relation functions by its karma.

The relation Karma resonates with similar aspects, and if the two partners who have been together in other lives do not meet or refuse to learn their lessons together, the relationship pattern will action, attracting somebody else with whom each of them has the chance to solve their own lessons from the past lives. 

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