The Subtle Bodies of the Human Being

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Everything started with the division of the Absolute Supreme Divinity into millions of particles, of sparkles. His wish was the knowledge of the billion of ways of the created Universe and of the uncreated Universe. The sparkles, named Spirits descended one level and recreated themselves, another part of them descended another level. There, they chose to ascend or to descend. Some of them chose to go down until the lowest level they could remain a sphere form, but those sparks did not have the sufficient energy or the sufficient knowledge to turn back. Then, they chose to repeat the division process and so, a little part of the Spirit remain on it’s the evolution level and the others descended on the lower vibrational levels to accumulate energy and knowledge. Their intention is to return with the necessary Spirit energy and knowledge, back to the Divinity, to reunite into Oneness.

 The Spirit fragments are the Souls. The Souls project themselves into the 3rd dimension, densifying themselves and creating energetic corps in order to being able to exist and to evolve in the material world.

The Spirit, descended or projected into the 5th dimension is made of Divine Bodies: the Atmic Body, the Buddhic Body, the Causal Body and the Supra-Consciousness. Each of the bodies corresponds to one state, to a cumulus of attributes, to a valence of the Spirit. The Atmic Body is the correspondent of the form; the Buddhic Body is defined by love, by sentiments, the Causal Body by wisdom, intelligence, cogitation. By the Supra-Consciousness is maintained the communication with the Divinity. The Divine Bodies project themselves into the 4th dimension creating the Superior Bodies: the Etheric Body, the Astral Body, the Mental Body and the Self Consciousness.

In order to materialize itself, the Soul projects its Superior Bodies into the 3rd dimension, through inferior bodies: the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Intellectual Body and the Consciousness.

The Superior Bodies overlap to the Inferior Bodies. Between all the levels of the incarnated being there are energetic and informational links. These bonds are maintained functional as long as the bodies correspond to the Divine Archetype of the human being.

The exit from the Archetype of the bodies as well as the decrease of their vibration leads to the disconnection from the system, partially or totally. The disconnection of the bodies, the split between them, makes the energetic and the informational exchange between the body - the soul and spirit impossible. The energies and the information coming down from the above, necessary for the perfect function of the incarnated being are not transmitted and the Spirit is not accumulating the energies and the information necessary for the achievement of the Soul Program and its evolution.

Due to the disconnection between the consciousness and the self consciousness, the incarnated being loses the continuity of his consciousness and forgets from where and why he came also while being incarnated as well while leaving the body. Thus is being trapped in a perpetual cycle birth – life – death – birth.

Connecting our consciousness to our own self-consciousness, as the effect of the acceptance in our beings of the new energies and the evolutive transformations due to the evolution of the Planet in the new cycle, we exceed the incidence of the karma; we unbind the destiny, accepting our life. We have the right to choose to continuing the cycle, returning to Earth or continuing our evolution in other dimensions. But we conclude this obligatory commuting between the 3rd and the 4th dimension only if our energetic being can reach the unique specific vibrational level. Any vibrational disharmony can get the being to the inferior levels and will be inevitable followed by another incarnation. In order to avoid the vibrational disharmonies of the energetic bodies, they have to be healed, to become perfect, to correspond the Archetype created by the Divinity for the moment Now.

The reversion of the bodies to the Archetype implies that they have the perfect structures, have in composition only the proper specific energy and must contain all the specific information. In order to achieve this stage, the structures and the energetic bodies have to let go any interior and exterior negative connection, to disconnect themselves from any non-archetypal link, to purify themselves from any energies and improper information and to reinvent/ rebuild themselves according to the Divine Archetype for the moment Now.

This Archetypal rehabilitation of the energetic being, accompanied by the achievement of the autonomy and the perfect function, as well as the awareness of the Soul Program for the current incarnation is the aim for the first level of the course. In the next levels will follow the multidimensional therapies, ways of integration in the Divine Program of Evolution and conscientious interior and exterior multidimensional awareness. 

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