How to Release the Constraints

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There is a mechanism that we all use much or less: constraining. We impose constrains to one another and so the liberty is gone.

We all have been constraint since we were little: “You’ll get this, only if you do what I tell you to do …”, we are also constraint as adults: “I love you if …”, “I’m coming with you if …”, “I’ll stay with you if …”; we also constrain our children after the same method.

The right statement, which would replace the constraints, comes from awareness of the Law of Attraction’s effect. If I do such thing, I will attract such energies; The Universe will answer in consequence.

The disobedient child would understand better if the parent explained what his disobedience would attract from God, the angels and what kind of energy he would receive back or how angels would help him if he would do nice things.

The constraining lover would stop if he or she would know is maintaining a sphere of constraints, where the received answer is not freedom, but limitation and enclosure.

The constraining parent should be conscious of the changes in his child’s character. In the future, his child will react with fear, frightened of not being able to be up to the expectations.

From the energetic point of view, the Law of Attraction says that for all we emit we will receive an answer from the Universe. When we are imposed things to be done, even they are good, but we action with fear, the vibration of the fear will print our emission. We receive as well, the answer for the benefic action, but as well, the answer to the fear behind it.

Constraints determine us to take decisions based on fear.

Any decision based on fear will not be the right one and may be just an obstacle on the Soul’s Path. 

Unfortunately, constraints continue to action from the subconscious, even though, those who used them do not have the same influence in our lives. 

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