The Multidimensional Projections of the Spirit

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In a higher dimension is the Spirit of each of us. Here, in the physical body, is the Soul.

The Soul is the projection of the Soul, in the material world. Each Soul belongs to one Spirit, but the Soul has several simultaneous projections, not only one.

There are several Souls, approximately ten other projections of the same Spirit.

Not all the projections are simultaneous materialized in this dimension; some of them may be in the astral dimension or other similar spaces of the terrestrial plan.

The projections of the same Spirit are Soul-Sisters. These resemble one to another, but they are not identical, even though they belong to the same dimension.

With each of its projection, the Soul manifests different aspects, in order to accumulate energies and information on different plans. It is possible that one of the projections can be spiritual awakened, can evolve, adopting a lifestyle based on conscious assumptions and the other projection to center itself to get material wealth, without being spiritual aware. Each of them follows their own karmic line, sending their evolution experiences to their Cumulative Self.

The Cumulative Self is an intermediary aspect of the Spirit, where each of the projections returns before the end of the evolution cycle.

Before starting the series of incarnations from an evolution cycle, each Soul divides into tow aspects, forming the Twin-Souls.

Even for the Twin-Souls the incarnations may be in different spaces or if incarnating in the terrestrial plan, these may not be simultaneous.

It is possible that two Twin Souls do not recognize one another, even when meeting face to face, because one of them did not spiritually awaken.

Or, is possible they planned the meeting or even sharing their love, but their life circumstances were not favorable and therefore their meeting was not possible.  

There are also situations where the Twin Souls meet not to share their love but to help each other and then appears a feeling of profound mutual acquaintance, a fraternal love, unconditionally.

This feeling may also occur between Soul-Sisters.

Between the Soul-Sisters there are subtle connections; on certain levels, one’s evolution or non-evolution influences the other. They can send one another conditions, emotions, thoughts, even unaware of them.

It is difficult to accept this inter-connection if we live in the illusion of separation. But this is another reality, viewed from a different perspective, which can be integrated in the multidimensionality ideas.


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