How Food Influences Us

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People, as bio-energetic systems are gifted with memories. Each of our cells has a memory. The expression “Cellular Memory” is quite well known. 

Not only human cells have memory, each cell is alive, each of them has a memory.  We feed ourselves with other beings cells, plants or animals.                 

Their cells also have memory, an energetic kind of memory, which keeps information all through their lives.

The Etheric memory is not destroyed by boiling, baking at high temperatures; it only lose some information by disconnection from the system.

All alive system, I refer especially to plants, take programs from other systems they interact with, is informational influenced.

A plant grown with love will take all love programs and its energy will feed us.

A plant grown in a commercial system, informational “pampered” with excessive development programs, will take in its memory all those programs. Once the programs are sent to the memories of all those consuming them, the programs will be taken by similar growth, fattening programs, will affect the endocrine system and the metabolism.

Therefore, the more vegetables and fruits programmed for intensive growth we consume the bigger the risk of unbalancing our metabolism by taking the programs induced to the plants, bushes, and trees is bigger.

A living being created by the Divinity has archetypal programs of growth, which print a certain rhythm of development, natural, determined by natural conditions, by the plants, bushes’, tree’s environment. It can be un-programmed by artificial wishes.

Each plant has Archetypal programs of its characteristics.

Programs of taste, smell, pulp consistency, pulp width are modified by the chemicals injected into the vegetables, by the toxic substances absorbed through its leaves and roots.

The toxic energies modify the growth patterns and the composition of the plant as species. The species transform itself in time, taking all these perturbations.

Any energy we take from the exterior, through food we chew and swallow is assimilated into our energetic bodies. If the energetic system functions well, the energies assimilated through food are previously transformed, processed, and brought up to a more appropriated vibration. If the energetic system does not function properly, or if is inadequate energetically alimented, the ingested energies will not be energetically and informational processed.  In this case we will take the information, the programs from the food very brutally, the way they existed in the food. We will also ingest the toxic energies from the vegetables we consume.

The toxic energies from the vegetables are the same toxic energies they directly take from growth chemicals substances, administrated for forced ripening or for changing colour.  

There are also toxic energies indirectly taken from those people cultivating the vegetables, distributing them and preparing them for consuming.

These energies and as well as the toxic programs, deteriorate the vegetable’s own energy. The toxic energies taken by the plant are as well ingested through the fruit consumption.

The more toxins we consume the less bio-system capacity of processing them we have; we become more sensitive and vulnerable and our health is depreciating.

So, is essential for our organism health and for our energetic system well functioning to feed us with more natural food, to become more conscious about what we eat, to observe more carefully what happens in our organism and why not, to see the harm we cause to our Planet, one another and ourselves, by our own ignorance, lack of knowledge or our passive complicity. 

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