About Angels & The children of the New Generations

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The Light beings, the angels and the Archangels have wings. The expression „the wings of an angel” seems natural, seeing an icon where the Archangels have wings, is also natural. If you say to a human being that he has wings, first he will be surprised, maybe he will not believe it, maybe this will amuse him. Only after he accepts the idea, he will wonder what the wings are useful for.

The Etheric wings are the representation of the Soul journey in our sleep and other state of detachment.

The Indigo and the Crystal children, who were born after the ‘80’s, respectively in the last decade, are able to see the Etheric wings. 

They accept themselves in a natural way, talking to angels is something common, because the Angels presence in their lives as natural.

In this Earth evolution stage, children are born with the self consciousness awaken, they have all the chakras activated from birth, and many of them have clairvoyance.

These generations are different from the others, not only by their open to the new and the easiness of processing the information and the computer technology, but also by an increased sensibility and a very strong personality.

All these are provided by the evolution of the consciousness, by the leap to another stage of the evolution of the consciousness.

The awareness is an attribute of the consciousness, represented by the state of being conscious, to be open to awareness and using this instrument of awareness.

The children of the new generation came to show us they use other “instruments” that we adults do not trust. They can be naturally intuitive and rational in a surprisingly logic and natural way. 

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