The Spiritual & the Manifestation Potentials

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Each human being can manifest in the physical dimension depending on the personal potential.

From the spiritual point of view, the potential can include everything that can be accessible on the energetic level, informational level, in the energetic fields, in other dimensions, everything that opens towards new sources of knowledge. The spiritual potential is permanently increasing and we can perceive it as an expansion if reporting to the quantum reality of the Universe.

The manifestation potential represents everything that can be manifested throughout the incarnation by access and transformation, from the Spiritual potential.

The two types of possibilities do not have the same reported development; the evolution of the manifestation potential is slower than the spiritual potential. 

We can become conscientious of our manifestation capacities as incarnated spiritual entities, but is more difficult to aware the expansion of the multidimensional potential.

The spiritual change is not always followed by the change of manifestation. Often the opposite process happens: the behavior patterns, the routines, the noxious attitudes, the emotions and the toxic thoughts block and determine the stagnation of the spiritual evolution.

The trigger factor of the positive change for the manifestation is consciousness. Aligning our own life during the events that we determine, our organism sends us signals if something is going wrong and we allow the specific mechanisms for consciousness to proceed in order to maximize our own potential. Thus, we are able to manifest more and more our spiritual potential.

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