The Stages of the Soul

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Accepting that we live a succession of lives, fact proved by the hypnotic regressions where the subconscious Mind has access to memories and deep meditation experiences in other states of consciousness, is important not to minimize the importance of the Stages of the Soul when incarnating.

We can agree with the life plan before we incarnate and this offers to the Soul a peaceful condition, accepting the difficulties, a certain easiness in taking decisions. Or is possible that the Soul rejects the tests that it has to go through- these are necessary tests in order to learn the live lessons. Then, the Soul is born revolted, angry and even furious.

That is why, some of us have been happy or sad as a child.

The happy child chose as a soul to come to incarnation, knowing and accepting his challenges.

The sad child din not wanted to leave that Dimension, he did not agreed with the incarnation and learning the manifestation as a human being.

On the other hand, the child, happy or sad perceives the world he just left. The absence of communication with that world or the impossibility to share his thoughts, because the parents do not accept it, brings sadness.

If you have been a bright and happy child, can be a sign that you accepted the incarnation and the Stage of your Soul have been a happy one before this surprising, accepted, new human experience.

If you have been a sad child, you knew you would experience difficulties that you did not accepted, or you missed the world you left, a world you did not found here.

If sometimes your child is sad, try to understand him. It might be a more profound sadness, beyond the appearances.

And when your child is happy, join his happiness, because sharing his life with you offers another life experience. 

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