The Crystal Grid of the Earth & the Crystal Body of the New Human Being

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Passing in another evolution level, entering the Aquarius Era, some major changes occur in the Earth structure.

The strong awakening energies coming from the Center of our Universe, from the Central Sun, through Sirius and our Sun, activated the Crystal Grid of the Earth.

This is a crystal network, very powerful, disposed in concentrator points of energy. The crystals are deposits of information; through these crystals we have access to all the Universe has to reveal us, every time we are prepare to receive it.

The Crystals and the network itself transmit fields of energy, awakening energy, reconnection energies.

The energetic and the informational stream are continuous.

During this new level people are recreated and activated the Crystal Bodies.

Through the Crystal in the Energetic Heart is created the connection between our Crystal Bodies and the Crystal Grid of the Earth which gives us the access to information we intuitively perceive receiving it.  

Through the head crystals we receive from the Crystal Grid field energy streams which awake our consciousness, develop them on new evolutive levels and make possible the increases the mental potential. 

The Crystal Children are born with the complete Crystal Bodies, perfectly connected to the Crystal Grid of the Earth.

Adults gradually develop their capacities, and the superior entities assist us to rebuild the Crystal Body helping us to evolve together with the Planet. 

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