About me, Alexiada

I was born on 3rd of August, 1969, prematurely at 6 month and a half. Only my mother’s love kept me alive as I was on the edge to go back to astral world where I was feeling, at that time, more protected. After that my life went normal…till I crashed my car in 1993.

I can say my adventure has started with that event. The traumas weren’t deep but the recovery was long so I had a lot of time for myself. In the day when this came to an end, when I went to the hospital to extract the metallic support out of my leg, the unexpected happened. All of a sudden I felt a presence. First I was scared off course but then, in a short time I started seeing and hearing entities, bodies, auras.
I followed my impulse and I wrote it all down so this is how my first book, about ethereal fluids, came to reality followed shortly after by the second one about ethereal crystals. 

My name Alexiada has been revealed to me after some time, when I was able to accept it. I happily took it as it expresses perfectly this aspect of mine which manifest life HERE and NOW, in this dimension. I understood since then that I have come to support people by offering the needed information and the instruments for self healing. Thus came my third book “Lessons for self-healing” which gathers a small part of this information and instruments. This knowledge is part of me, of my mind, it has been since I was trained and worked as therapist in the fourth dimension before I was born here. A description of this life experience in the astral world, before this life NOW and HERE, will come to print soon this year.

Looking back to my life until now I can understand how I was guided even without direct communication to learn exactly what I needed here in order to be able to bring this knowledge from above. I studied math, which gave me the deep, clear and rigorous view upon reality as being precise, sociology and psychology to help complete the vision upon the human nature with its limitations.

I am not alone and I have to admit that without the immense support I received and still receive I wouldn’t be able to go on. My family on Earth, my mother Alina Simina following her own line of evolution, my husband and my children which are great teachers to me with very profound lessons to meditate on and my family of light which gave me continuous support and guidance to fulfill my destiny, they all helped me immensely. Since 2002 I am teaching the course: “The understanding of the Archetypal restoration of the Human Bio- Energetic Body” which combines therapies from the fouth dimension with meditations and information.

So Here I am maintaining a Present awareness of what it is, not imposing restrictions to my student which I can not follow, keeping myself equanimus. I respect Liberty and Individuality, I respect True Value and Onestity, Autonomy and Inteligence but above all Love and Surender to Divine Self. The more I interact with people I become aware of the beauty and complexity of the human structure and I share with everybody this understanding. People come and go taking with them as much as they want and need from this teaching which doesn’t belong to me. I am a simple vessel, servant of our Creator which I love so much.

I was hard at the begining but now, either I get used to or I became more wise, I am always happy meeting both new and old students, reading in their eyes the thirst for knowledge and the need for transformastion. As such life goes on and on and we have this Present,Here, to cherish and work with it. Let’s make the best out of it.